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Funny Urahara

June 2011



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Jun. 24th, 2011

Funny Urahara

(no subject)

Back to work tonight for the weekend.  I've managed an AxM outline but I have doubts that I will write it as I've planned it.  It's an alternate reality and always something I wanted to do... where Aoshi stumbles across Misao, who is working a job for Okina, and Hannya and co, are still alive.  It involved her infiltrating Kanyruu's house, but I think I don't want to go that route.   So, re-planning.  I've been hunting all over for a notebook and can't find one.  

And then, there's Broken by Mirune Keishiko, which is a great story.  It occured to me today that this is an excellent premise for a story.  Aoshi has not kept contact with the Aoiya and it has fallen into ruin.  Okina has perhaps died, or it has been sold, and Misao, lowly girl serves the guests that now visit the lowly establishment.  It would probably work better if, when Aoshi were inevitably to meet her that it wasn't at the Aoiya.  That would be too great a give away.  No, instead, he were to come across her at some other inn, without recognition.  That would be interesting.  It would also be an "M" rated story at a minimum and probably a angsty one.   

Another idea for another day. 

Jun. 22nd, 2011

Mind: Wicked Ideas

(no subject)

Fanfiction is such a beautiful distraction. In the last 2 days I've gone through 54 pages of listings of AxM stories in the RK genre re-reading favorites.  It made me realize a few things.  Cloverfield is a beautiful, beautiful writer, that one story of hers still dazzles me.  Hikaru still has the most beautiful talent for both writing and excellent titles and lastly, that there are way too many AU AxM stories.  I skip most AU's... I prefer the classic AxM's. *sigh.*

That being said, I was bored to death at work the other night and started writing again. "The Splintered Truth" has finally managed to get typed (since I had to write the original on paper.) Tomorrow I will add and edit because at 2200 words its still woefully bare of essentials.   And we'll see the reception it gets. I haven't written AxM in a long time but reading it make me realize how much I missed writing Misao.  She's so much freaking FUN.  My primary concern is my characterization... we'll see.

Dec. 9th, 2010

Funny Urahara


So, here's what happened.Collapse )

He was in the hospital for 9 days.  During that time, he received over 20+ units of blood and blood products.

Dec. 5th, 2010

Nanao: restraining order.


My father remains largely the same. We received news that there is no liver vessel blockage - so this should clear him for a liver transplant if one becomes available. However, there is some question about his cancer having spread?

Spread where? There are way too many doctors around this place. I didn't think it was possible.

Some quick numbers:

To date, my dad has had a total of 18 blood products.  He had 3 IV sites, all with fluid running the last I saw him, Saturday.  He has an oral airway for his ventilator, an NG tube because they're now feeding him.  They inserted a rectal tube to monitor his GI bleed and a foley catheter.  Today, they called and got consent for an arterial line to monitor real-time blood pressure.

So, he has a total of 8 invasive lines.  I think he's about run the entire spectrum.  He also has poor venous IV access, so maybe a central IV catheter in his neck is next.  They were supposed to wean the vent tomorrow but that's not going to happen as his oxygen through the machine has only increased, instead of decreased. 

Dec. 4th, 2010

I'm awake: world asleep


My father is still being ventilated and sedated. They tried to lift the sedation to bring up his chronically low blood pressure but he became restless and began pulling at his restraints, so he was re-sedated.

Yesterday we found out he has some kind of "vessel blockage" in his liver. If this blockage is cancerous in nature, then he is off the transplant list for good. He went for a definitive MRI today -- we have not received results and may not until Monday. He is negative for infection, but may have developed pneumonia due to the large amounts of IV fluids being given.

Overall, the day was a lot of waiting around for nothing. Unfortunately, around 5pm my father's ex-wife arrived at the hospital. My mother was hugely pissed and refused to share a waiting room with her. So we ended up walking around the block, in the dark, in the cold, before we went home.

The day sucked.

It is interesting though, that family members (some I didn't expect) who feel sympathetic and helpless decide, in this situation, that they should give money to my mother.

Dec. 3rd, 2010


(no subject)

I woke up to a phone call from my mother at 9am. Yesterday evening my father was awake, alert, blood pressure in the 80's. Basic stable for the past week. This morning my mom tells me they've put Dad on a ventilator because he's no longer able to adequately oxygenate. ;_;

So now we're still at Jefferson, on the 9th floor ICU. He's sedated, he's on a ventilator. They did an emergency EGD, the second in 2 days. He had more bleeding. He had more esophogeal banding for a total of 4 sites. He's on 4 IV drips. He's scheduled for a bleeding scan because they think he also has some diverticulosis bleeding, but we're not sure. His kidney function has improved, so dialysis is out for the moment.

And my family wonders why I want to be a DNR.

Dec. 2nd, 2010

Funny Urahara

(no subject)

Blood pressure dropped into 50's at 1900 yesterday. Started blood 2 units, 4 plasma. Bp remained in 60's and then 80's. He was flown via helicoptor to Jefferson university hospital. We arrived at 2am. He was stable. This morning he is getting more blood this morning.

Dec. 1st, 2010

No response.


I rarely post here anymore.  Hmmm.  Mostly I spend time on my (fake) facebook account.  Listed under Marlin Emery with the profile picture of Nanao.  I had one under my real name but my workplace actually looks employees up to see what's going on in their life and I, frankly, felt like that was a breach of my privacy.  Besides, I like the pseudonym M. Emery, its what I use in my writing anyway.  Not that any of this is relevant.

I got a frantic call tonight from my mother...Collapse )

Sep. 25th, 2010

No response.


All I wanted to do was replace the parts inside my toilet tank.  A simple (so I'm told) project.   Did that work out for me?  No.  My plumbing happily said to me, "Fuck you." 

But first I had to take the steaks out of the freezer in the basement, so I went there first.  And then I discovered the little drip on the ceiling caused by an old copper fitting has become a cute little spray.  I have a two foot wide puddle in my basement, I've had to turn the whole water supply to the house off because the pipe is hissing and I was afraid it would bust.  I'm going to try to replace it myself, with my mom, maybe my dad will feel well enough to help.  I'm not calling a plumber on the weekend, I'll leave the water off til Monday if I need professional help.  I'll live until then.  It cost me $300 to have the pipes behind my washer fixed from the other leak two weeks ago.   


I HATE plumbing.

Sep. 7th, 2010



I went to Lowe's to look at appliances.  Hadn't intended to buy any.   I discovered a few days ago I had a leak.  Little leak is actually a pretty big leak from the washer.  Looks like the wall is ruined and I think I need to replace the flooring.   

Anyway, I decided that since I have to pull out the old appliances to fix the leak anyway, I might as well replace them now.  Why put back crap I wanted to throw away in the first place?  Hence, the trip to Lowe's.

I was only window-shopping.  That was the plan.  And then there was a sale. 


So, I got a brand new front-loading washer/dryer set by Maytag.  Or Whirlpool, I don't remember.  Goodbye, $1800.  Now, to fix the leak so that when I have them delivered Sept 30, they don't go in my garage where my brand-new Bosch dishwasher is sitting.


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